New York is now worst city in the word in terms of air quality due to fires in Canada

Based on data of IQAir – which monitors air quality in the largest territories of the world, New York now tops the ranking of cities with the dirtiest air, RIA Novosti w reports New York’s air quality index has worsened due to fires in Canada. As of June 8th, the city is on the top of the ranking, overtaking the capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka, and Tel Aviv in Israel. Earlier, the Mayor of New York said that the situation in the city would worsen. Because of the smoke from forest fires that ...

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Less forest fires registered in Belovezhskaya Pushcha

... thunderstorm and careless handling of fire by citizens. Despite the autumn ... also a result of preventive fire-fighting measures of its employees ... , its territory is divided into four functional zones, with the strictest ...

belovezhskaya pushcha , fire

Fires detected easily

... “The service ensures real-time fire monitoring and makes it possible ... to spot a forestland in fire. It is actually combined with ... helps us learn of a fire location in detail,” explains Valentin ...

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