New York authorities to allocate $3m to strengthen security due to terrorist threat

New York state authorities are allocating an ... statement of the Governor of New York State, Kathy Hochul, it is ... Security and Emergency Situations of New York, the number of hate speech ...

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US Government: New York fails coping with influx of migrants

... believes that the administration of New York is not coping with migrants ... considers the situation will destroy New York, TASS reports with reference to ... , 100 thousand people came to New York from other countries. The final ... the migration crisis. In addition, New York Mayor Eric Adams expressed the ... it. This problem will destroy New York,” he said. In October 2022 ... and Florida sent to Washington, New York and other large cities numerous ...

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Scientists predicted catastrophe for New York

New York is sinking at a rate ... the Earth's surface in New York is sinking by an average ... calculated the total weight of New York buildings: almost 770m tonnes – not ...

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New York is now worst city in the word in terms of air quality due to fires in Canada

... largest territories of the world, New York now tops the ranking of ... air, RIA Novosti w reports New York’s air quality index has ... Israel. Earlier, the Mayor of New York said that the situation in ... the US capital region, Washington, New York and a number of north ...

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Weight and height discrimination banned in New York

The New York City Council has passed a ... , such discrimination is prohibited in New York when searching for housing, employment ...

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