Belarus informed UNHCR about cases of violence against refugees from Poland and Lithuania

... UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Raouf Mazou – as reported by ... reached to strengthen interaction with UNHCR to monitor the situation and ... actions using the potential of UNHCR, including its representative office in ...

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Ambrazevich drew UNHCR’s attention to responsibility of Poland, Lithuania and Latvia for growing illegal migration

... High Commissioner for Protection with UNHCR Gillian Triggs the current co ... the Government of Belarus and UNHCR in terms of assisting the ... was an increase in the UNHCR activity in terms of assisting ... to the attention of the UNHCR leadership the concern of the ... the Government of Belarus and UNHCR demonstrated during the second half ... Minister expressed his conviction that UNHCR would maintain an impartial and ...

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Aleinik discussed situation with Ukrainian refugees with new representative of UNHCR in Belarus

... -operation between Belarus and the UNHCR, as well as the situation ... further active interaction with the UNHCR on the entire range of ...

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UNHCR: number of people forced to flee wars and violence increased by 8% in 2021

... Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), TASS reports Photo: www.reuters ... figure of 10 years ago,” UNHCR’s annual Global Trends report ... another country. According to the UNHCR report, last year, there were ... million internally displaced persons. The UNHCR singled out 4.4 million ...

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Belarusian assistance to refugees

... Belarus reports, representatives of the UNHCR in Belarus and the Belarusian ...

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