Posted: 14.06.2023 10:16:00

Ambrazevich drew UNHCR’s attention to responsibility of Poland, Lithuania and Latvia for growing illegal migration

Belarus’ Deputy Foreign Minister Yuri Ambrazevich has discussed with Assistant High Commissioner for Protection with UNHCR Gillian Triggs the current co-operation between the Government of Belarus and UNHCR in terms of assisting the Republic of Belarus in the implementation of the tasks of ensuring the proper conditions for foreign refugees and stateless persons on the territory of Belarus – as reported by the Belarusian Foreign Ministry’s press service


“There was an increase in the UNHCR activity in terms of assisting the Government of Belarus in solving the problems caused by the growing number of migrants from Ukraine. The Deputy Minister brought to the attention of the UNHCR leadership the concern of the Belarusian side that the governments of Poland and Lithuania are forcing unfounded accusations against the Government of Belarus on the targeted use of the topic of illegal migration against the European Union in the media,” the press service noted.

Yuri Ambrazevich recalled the effective co-operation that the Government of Belarus and UNHCR demonstrated during the second half of 2021 and beyond in assisting Belarus in settling the crisis with illegal migrants at the border between Belarus and EU member states.

“He drew attention to the fact that since the most acute phase of the crisis – despite the readiness of the Government of Belarus – Poland, Lithuania and Latvia still refuse any interaction with the Belarusian side on countering illegal migration and managing it. He stressed that the refusal of international co-operation on the joint border makes these countries fully responsible for the growth of organised crime associated with the illegal crossing of the Belarusian border by foreigners in the direction of the EU, and the suffering and death of refugees associated with this traffic,” the Belarusian Foreign Ministry underlined.

Belarus’ Deputy Foreign Minister expressed his conviction that UNHCR would maintain an impartial and depoliticised approach to fulfilling its mandate on Belarus’ borders with Poland, Lithuania and Latvia, and also called on the Assistant High Commissioner to play a more active role in restoring international interaction on problematic issues along the borders of Belarus with EU member states.