NOC President: Belarusian athletes are heritage of the nation and reliable support of the country

... Lukashenko, has congratulated athletes, coaches, sports branch employees, veterans and fans ... mass-participation and high-achievement sports, preservation and maintenance of Olympic ... discrimination and bias are challenging sports, when sport ideals and principles ... , Pierre de Coubertin, believed that sports intended to become a model ... , and we also advocate the ‘sports outside politics’ principle,” the NOC ... actively engaged in popularisation of sports, promotion of its creative and ...

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IOC President condemned Wimbledon’s ban on Belarusian and Russian athletes

... it is necessary to keep sports outside the negative political trend ... wave of indignation in the sports community. During a meeting of ...

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Petrishenko: healthy lifestyle promoted in Belarus

... engaged in physical culture and sports. Actually, this figure is probably ... , adding, “There are 23,000 sports facilities around the country, and ... lifestyle, uniting into clubs, doing sports, dancing, skiing, playing football and ...

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President of Belarus’ hockey team acquires unusual lucky charm

On these festive days, such concepts as kindness, humanism, compassion and justice are filled with special meaning. It is important to remain human always and under any circumstances – as was reminded by the President of Belarus, who became the hero of one story with a happy ending. In late April, many Internet users could see a shocking video from Vitebsk, featuring a woman furiously beating a dog. Passers-by tried to calm the flayer, but to no avail – they only ran into insults. The video of ...

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2nd National Athletes Forum kicked off in Minsk

... 250 athletes, coaches, representatives of sports federations and other organisations During ... interests of the development of sports in Belarus and Russia. He ... that is developing around international sports and the Olympic movement involuntarily ...

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Viktor Lukashenko: any time of crisis is a time of opportunities

... and other professionals of the sports industry. The forum was opened ... . Being asked about what joint sports projects are already ready and ... resist the total politicisation of sports, Viktor Lukashenko responded, “The situation ...

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President’s Sports Club joins forces with Russian Olympic Committee

... expanding bilateral ties in sports and promising areas of ... service of the President’s Sports Club Dmitry Lukashenko spoke ... of the President’s Sports Club for the development ... development of elite sports, as well as mass sports on the ... , including the President’s Sports Club and the Russian Olympic ... and a number of international sports organisations. photos: www.sportclub ... interaction between the President’s Sports Club and the Russian ... Committee in mass sports, as well as sports for people with ...

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Petrishenko: Belarus will defend its athletes’ rights in international arena

... of the country’s major sports facilities – Bobruisk Arena, Mr. ... all norms of international sports law, international sports officials have suspended our ... their best achievements. If international sports officials consider that – by ... and we will eliminate the sports industry in Belarus, then they ... schedule of joint Belarus-Russia sports events has been signed, ... international community in fair sports, to develop sports results based on the ... International Sports Charter, while defending the ...

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Fight to protect

... Thanks to joint efforts, specialised sports centres were opened in Minsk ... already become candidate masters of sports. Our students have already received ... to attend prestigious and fashionable sports groups. Thai boxing is the ... the opportunity to engage in sports and physical development. In Thailand ... the coaches. The President’s Sports Club provides gratuitous sponsorship for ... achieve the top positions in sports. Their future coach Dmitry ... Varets, Master of Sports of International Class, is ...

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Lukashenko criticised sports officials for inaction

... for the development of winter sports in Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko said ... that sports officials should raise the alarm ... to decide how to develop sports and the Olympic movement in ...

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Lukashenko commented on hockey results: it’s a disgrace!

... for the development of winter sports in Belarus, commenting on the ... believes that construction of additional sports facilities will increase the number ... of those engaged in sports activities Photo: ... and hockey are our national sports.” Then he drew parallels with ... as the construction of new sports facilities under the conditions of ...

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Lukashenko asked Sports Minister tough questions

... on the report of the Sports and Tourism Minister Sergei Kovalchuk ... for the development of winter sports in Belarus, indicating that he ...

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Kochanova: financial encouragement for high sports results needs to be perfected

... development of physical culture and sports in Belarus The meeting ... create conditions for participation in sports events of our top ... of material incentives for high sports results, the procedure for ... field of physical culture and sports, the procedure for awarding ... successful performance at major international sports competitions, and will also ... conditions for grassroots and professional sports, “Opportunities are available for ... their whole lives to sports, achieved high sports results, but for one ...

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Belarus, Russia to protect sportsmen’s interests

... of the Belarusian and Russian sports departments’ working group took ... Olympic Committee Photo by Russian Sports Ministry The meeting participants ... the negotiations of the national sports federations’ leaders. The heads ... of the Belarusian sports federations of football, volleyball, ... , Belarus’ Deputy Minister of Sports and Tourism, the main purpose ... heard in the international sports community. Many sports figures say that ... soon as possible," Russian Sports Minister Oleg Matytsin said. ...

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From each according to his ability, to each according to his work

... main heroes of the past sports year Saying goodbye to another ... in team ones. In team sports, of course, the girls from ...

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NOCs of Belarus and Uzbekistan sign memorandum

... Step Toward Olympus cultural and sports festival. It was held in ... Understanding on Co-operation in Sports was signed by the NOCs ... officially agreed on assistance in sports liaisons, organisation and holding of ... , medical personnel, experts and other sports specialists. As the National Olympic ...

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Belarus, Armenia discuss sports liaisons

... of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of Armenia, Karen Giloyan – as ... in the field of sports and organisation of sports events. A high ...

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