Posted: 01.02.2023 16:04:00

Opinion: West does not stop preparing for military operations

The policy of the collective West today is aimed at strict control of the situation in the world: military actions are also allowed – as noted by military expert Igor Chibisov

“The West does not stop preparing for military operations – led by the United States and NATO bloc. Washington is a key conductor of military policy in the world. They conduct an ultimatum dialogue with their opponents, and this can be seen in a militarisation process near the Belarusian border and in Europe as a whole. There are now more than 60,000 US troops on a permanent basis there, and about 30 thousand comprise the NATO contingent. Of these, 22,000 are deployed in Poland and the Baltic States. In addition to the land, an aviation group has been created in the Eurozone, and it has more than 2,200 aircraft (including 140 in the countries neighbouring Belarus). These states, at the direction of the United States, focus on the increase of defence spending. Poland also plans to enlarge its army to 300,000 soldiers (it now has 115.5 thousand). Moreover, Warsaw intends to accelerate the purchase of American and South Korean-made strike weapons,” the expert said.

As noted by Mr. Chibisov, the military infrastructure is also developing in Eastern Europe. It aims at deployment of foreign military contingents, modernisation of airfields, naval bases and ports, storage of military equipment, weapons and materiel. The number of NATO exercises and trainings is growing from year to year.