Expert believes international institutions need fundamental reforms

The unipolar world is not just skidding at present: it is demonstrating its inefficiency and overestimation of a leader who supposedly will sort everything out and will be able to do everything – as stated by political expert Piotr Petrovsky in his talk with the STV channel In particular, the expert said, “We need to figure out what kind of international relations reign now. In the 1960s-1970s, there was a bipolar world and clear rules of the game. The Helsinki agreements and other ...

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Opinion: West does not stop preparing for military operations

The policy of the collective West today is aimed at strict control of the situation in the world: military actions are also allowed – as noted by military expert Igor Chibisov “The West does not stop preparing for military operations – led by the United States and NATO bloc. Washington is a key conductor of military policy in the world. They conduct an ultimatum dialogue with their opponents, and this can be seen in a militarisation process near the Belarusian border and in Europe as a whole. ...

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