Posted: 21.12.2023 16:16:00

Expert believes international institutions need fundamental reforms

The unipolar world is not just skidding at present: it is demonstrating its inefficiency and overestimation of a leader who supposedly will sort everything out and will be able to do everything – as stated by political expert Piotr Petrovsky in his talk with the STV channel

In particular, the expert said, “We need to figure out what kind of international relations reign now. In the 1960s-1970s, there was a bipolar world and clear rules of the game. The Helsinki agreements and other international documents worked then. At present, we are living through a period of geopolitical revolution: the unipolar world is not just skidding, but it is demonstrating its inefficiency and the overestimation of a leader who allegedly would sort everything out and be able to do everything. It turns out in this situation that there is no counterweight that would make it possible to say that these agreements will be implemented. The Minsk agreements, for example, became just a tool to delay time, and everyone has understood that. Therefore, we cannot now talk about any international agreements operating in the old format.” According to Mr. Petrovsky, this talk will be impossible until ‘international institutions are reformed’.

“The UN is not functioning properly today. The OSCE is generally an atavism, because nothing of its own stipulated by the charter is being fulfilled. Meanwhile, other organisations, such as the SCO and BRICS, are strengthening. We observe a completely different architecture of international relations," Mr. Petrovsky emphasised.