Posted: 21.02.2024 11:27:00

MP: European Union is the US hostage

The European Union can be strong only in an alliance with Russia and Belarus – as stated by Oleg Gaidukevich, a deputy of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus


According to the MP, the union of Russia, Belarus and the EU is a terrible dream for the United States. “Europe has become a hostage of the United States, since the sanctions they imposed on Russia and Belarus are hitting them. Europe can be strong only in alliance with Russia and Belarus, and this scenario is a terrible dream for the United States. The latter has done everything to set Germany – the leading country of the European Union – to quarrelling with Russia. The result of such actions was actually voiced a decade ago: as soon as Germany loses Russia, it gets weaker and its economy drops. We are witnessing this now. There is a huge outflow of labour force from Germany to other countries. People are moving to Canada and the United Sates, and entire enterprises are being relocated. We see protests, and their number will grow,” Mr. Gaidukevich said.

The MP assumed that the processes taking place in the European Union would end in a civil war, “Actually, we do not want this to happen. We want Europe to be strong and independent, we are constantly talking about this. Our President has voiced this more than once. We want Europe to be independent and strong, so we – not interfering in the affairs of Europeans – advise them to throw Americans out, become sovereign, establish relations, business contacts and the border with us. We will make Europe stronger together, because there is no Europe without us," Mr. Gaidukevich concluded.