Posted: 13.02.2024 16:36:00

Expert commented on NATO’s major exercises near Belarus

NATO has launched the decades-largest exercises near the borders of Belarus. The manoeuvres involve about 90 thousand military personnel and will last until May 2024 on the territory of Germany, Poland, the Baltic States, Norway, Sweden and Finland. Belarus and Russia consider these drills provocative and directed against the security and sovereignty of the two states. Moreover, NATO did not invite Belarus to observe the exercises, and this is a violation of international obligations. In turn, despite the pressure imposed by the West, Belarus invited observers to the drills held on its territory. In his talk with Alfa Radio, philosopher, publicist and political expert Aleksei Dzermant commented on the issue.

The expert stated that the West and NATO unilaterally violate international agreements, “Actually, almost all the agreements that formed the basis of the security architecture in Europe and the world have been violated by now. This also refers to the number of troops that can be deployed directly at the borders and participate in exercises, as well as the invitation of observers. In turn, Belarus has fulfilled all agreements. The position and actions of the West indicate that they are really harbouring aggressive plans and committing destructive actions against the security architecture.”

Mr. Dzermant explained what the developing situation could lead to, “It is clear that if one side unilaterally violates [agreements], then the other one is actually not obliged to follow them. Proceeding from goodwill and from the fact that Belarus does not want any escalation of the situation, it continues to invite observers, inform [the world community] on the number of troops and weapons that are involved in the exercises. However, we can stop doing this as well! They are mistaken if they think that only they have the right to violate agreements. We will proceed from our national interests and will answer either with mirror measures or asymmetrically. Our military and political leadership will make an appropriate decision.”