Golovchenko presented state awards for contribution to state development

... the state Before presenting the state awards on behalf of the President ... , more than 40 people received state awards today. photos:

golovchenko , state awards

Lukashenko at state awards ceremony: wars happen where people stop working

... today’s ceremony of presenting state awards, which took place at the ...

Lukashenko , state awards

Lukashenko: the day of reunification of eastern and western Belarus has become symbol of our national unity

... , Aleksandr Lukashenko, has presented today state awards to honoured figures in various ...

Lukashenko , state awards , National Unity Day

60 representatives of various fields of activity honoured with state awards

State awards have been bestowed upon sixty ...

Lukashenko , state awards

Golovchenko presented state awards to representatives of various professions

... Roman Golovchenko presented well-deserved state awards to more than fifty representatives ...

Belarus , Golovchenko , state awards

Heroes of our time

... of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, presented state awards to distinguished people from various ... the eve of Victory Day state awards are presented to those who ... the eve of Victory Day state awards are presented to those who ... peaceful professions, the President said. State awards and honorary titles were bestowed ...

Lukashenko , Victory Day , state awards

62 representatives of various professions honoured with state awards

State awards bestowed upon sixty-two representatives ...

Lukashenko , state awards

Lukashenko: our duty is to ensure reliable peace on Belarusian land

Today, the Palace of Independence honours beautiful ladies, as well as people in uniform, those on whom the peace and security of our Belarus depends photo: Addressing the military people, Aleksandr Lukashenko said, “Today, in this hall, we traditionally honour real men – officers, generals, who are also the embodiment of the Year of Peace and Creation, because our sovereignty and independence are under their reliable protection. Put it simply, our quiet and peaceful life. ...

Lukashenko , state awards

Lukashenko: Belarusian society treats mother-women with special respect

The President has presented state awards and shoulder straps to Belarus’ ...

Lukashenko , state awards

Golovchenko presented state awards to honoured persons

... Minister Roman Golovchenko has presented state awards to sixty-four honoured persons ...

state awards , golovchenko

Lukashenko presented medal to a schoolboy who saved his sisters from fire

The President of Belarus presented state awards – orders, medals and honorary titles – ...

Lukashenko , state awards

Golovchenko presents state awards

... Minister Roman Golovchenko has presented state awards to law enforcement officers at ... , you will be presented with state awards. The country has appreciated the ...

Golovchenko , state awards

Lukashenko: only together we can write new bright pages of Belarus’ modern history

... the solemn ceremony of presenting state awards, the President of Belarus especially ...

Lukashenko , state awards

President of Belarus bestowed state awards

People of different professions and spheres of activity were invited to the Independence Palace for the awards ceremony photo: Addressing them, Aleksandr Lukashenko noted, “I’m happy to see all of you here, especially today, on the eve of the important political event: the Address to the Belarusian People and the National Assembly. You represent various spheres of life, different regions of our country. It is pleasant that there are also those in this hall who came from abroad. In ...

Lukashenko , state awards

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