Diplomatic scammers

A huge migration scandal erupted in Poland on the ... become a victim of the scandal; he was dismissed from his ... this rapid removal was a scandal related to the issuance of ... for each visa issued. The scandal naturally put PiS in an ...

world , politics , Poland , scandal , visas , migrants

It has leaked

The scandal surrounding the leak of secret ... feverish from what happened. The scandal erupted on April 7th. However ... at least the high-profile scandal of 2015, when it turned ... behind the leaked documents, this scandal dealt a serious blow to ...

secret , documents , Pentagon , usa , scandal

Royal fun

The cynical revelations of Prince Harry destroy the reputation of the English royal dynasty already bogged down in the scandals In the West, on January 10th, the scandalous book Spare by the most famous British Harry (but not Potter) went on sale. However, even before the release, fragments of the work of the ex-Duke of Sussex were at the disposal of a number of media outlets, which show that the younger brother of the heir to the throne decided to give out all the ins and outs of relations in a ...

Scandal , Prince Harry , royal family

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