Posted: 06.02.2024 10:00:00

MP explained why the West has not yet confiscated Russian assets

Western countries have not yet confiscated Russian assets because they are afraid of a response from Moscow – as stated by Oleg Gaidukevich, a deputy of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus


After the start of Russia's special military operation in Ukraine in 2022, the European Union froze $300bn of Russian assets kept in Europe. The same amount was previously mentioned by the Russian Finance Minister, Anton Siluanov. The issue of confiscation of Russia’s frozen assets for the purpose of their further transfer to Ukraine is still being discussed, but Oleg Gaidukevich believes that the dispute cannot be resolved because of the fear of European states.

“There is now a dispute in the West about whether to take Russian assets or not. Why do you think they have not taken them away yet? They are afraid, because a response will follow. Actually, these fools might be forced to do this. After all, they have so many times already shot themselves in the foot! The President of Lithuania is an economic idiot. He has destroyed the port of Klaipeda and trade with Belarus. He does not use the possibilities of our nuclear power plant, forcing Lithuanians to overpay dozens of times for electricity. Against this background, he calls himself the president of the country. He says he is ready for war with Russia, but he understands that there will be no Lithuania in virtually an hour then. What are you calling for? Are you going to fight? You have just three tanks and two soldiers. Is this really politics?” Mr. Gaidukevich asked a rhetorical question.

The MP added that Belarus and Russia will never succumb to such provocations. “We know that ordinary Lithuanians are our friends. Therefore, our visa-free regime is in effect. Many Lithuanians visited Belarus last year, and the trend will continue. Let ordinary Poles and Lithuanians know that we will not succumb to this insanity. We will pursue a friendly and normal policy. We do not need a war with our neighbours," Mr. Gaidukevich stated.