Posted: 27.01.2023 12:41:00

Farmers in Moldova may come out to protest again in 2023

Moldovan farmers may protest again this year, as many of them will not even be able to start the spring agricultural season – as stated by the head of the country’s association of farmers, Alexander Slusar, RIA Novosti reports


In 2022, Moldovan farmers held protests countrywide, taking tractors to highways to draw attention to their problems: drought, rising fuel, fertiliser and pesticide prices, and crop exports. The country’s government promised to provide assistance, but so far the problem has not been solved.

“If the authorities fail to hear our claims and fail to take measures that do not necessarily require the allocation of money from the budget, we will have to demand and put pressure on them,” Mr. Slusar said in his talk with the Vocea Basarabiei radio.

He also informed that, last year, the government did not help much, so ‘many farmers do not have resources to start the spring agricultural season’.

Mr. Slusar added that agrarians are asking the Moldovan authorities to seek help from European partners so that farmers can receive subsidies in February-March.