Posted: 05.07.2023 14:47:00

Estonian PM: EU should use frozen Russian assets to restore Ukraine

The Prime Minister of Estonia, upon arrival at the EU summit, said that EU taxpayers should not pay for the restoration of Ukraine, for this purpose the EU should find a legal opportunity to use the frozen assets of Russia, TASS reports


The European Union should use the frozen Russian assets for the restoration of Ukraine, EU taxpayers’ money should not be directed for these purposes. This statement was voiced by Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas upon her arrival at the EU summit, which was supposed to discuss Ukraine, recent events in Russia and the militarisation of the EU economy.

“It is wrong that EU taxpayers should pay for the restoration of Ukraine. We didn’t destroy this country, so I’m sure we should use Russia’s money,” Kallas said.

She shared her opinion that assets can be confiscated through a judicial procedure.

Earlier, there were reports from the European media that by the EU summit, the European Commission and the EU countries had not found a legal way to confiscate sovereign Russian assets.

According to the European Commission, about €200bnof assets of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and about €24bn of private funds are blocked in the EU.