Posted: 27.04.2022 10:25:00

Xi Jinping wants China’s GDP to outpace US

Chinese President Xi Jinping has told officials to ensure that China’s economic growth outpaces that of the United States this year – as reported by RIA Novosti


According to the Wall Street Journal, the issue of competition has been raised recently during Xi Jinping’s meetings with senior economic and financial officials.

“The Chinese leader said ensuring that the economy is stable and growing is important because it is critical to show that China’s one-party system is a superior alternative to Western liberal democracy, and that the US is declining both politically and economically,” clarified the publication.

According to the Wall Street Journal, in response to the call, the relevant authorities in China are discussing measures to accelerate the implementation of large construction projects, as well as to issue coupons for individuals aiming to spur consumer spending.