Posted: 14.03.2023 10:05:00

Two more cases of ousting of refugees recorded on the border with Poland

Polish security forces continue to forcibly push refugees to Belarus, with State Border Committee of Belarus reporting about two more such incidents in its Telegram channel

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 Video by State Border Committee

According to the Belarusian border department, on March 11th, Polish servicemen brought nine foreigners to the fence on the border with Belarus. The refugees were driven out through the animal gate under threat of physical force.

The next day, three more foreigners were forced into our country in a similar way.

“According to volunteer reports, more than 200 foreigners have gone missing on the Polish border, and the number of tragic cases continues to grow. At the same time, the Polish authorities and international organisations do not respond to the lawlessness of the Polish military and the violation of the rights of refugees,” the State Border Committee said in a statement.