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Test tube disaster

New details of the development of biological weapons in Ukraine

New dreadful events have somewhat obscured the scandal with American laboratories in Ukraine, but this does not mean that the investigation of the frightening incident with biological weapons has stopped. It continues to be carried out by both Western media and virologists, and specialists from the Russian defence department. Since we last covered the progress of this investigation, it has been updated with new details concerning the production of covert weaponised strains.

Fateful laptop

An old laptop that once belonged to Hunter Biden, the son of the current US president, perhaps, is the most expensive gadget on the planet today. It is difficult to imagine the amount that the American authorities would be willing to pay for this apparatus, if only the information from it would never become public. 
As you know, the laptop was found in one of the repair shops in Delaware back in 2020. The owner of the repair shop made a copy of his hard drive, which was given to former New York Mayor Giuliani and personal lawyer of then US President Trump. Later, the gadget was seised by the FBI, but it was too late: the contents of the device leaked to the press. There were so many damaging information! There were photographs that testified to the Biden Jr.’s involvement in the criminal spheres of drug trafficking and prostitution, as well as secret codes and ciphers for accessing classified Pentagon information, and facts about Joe Biden’s corrupt ties with foreign businessmen... However, it’s not our current area of concern. 
Emails obtained by the DailyMail from the fateful laptop show that the son of the current US President could be behind the funding of the US military bioweapons programme in Ukraine. 
According to them, he secured funds for Black & Veatch and Metabiota companies — the main Pentagon contractors for working with pathogens in Ukraine. The President’s son and his colleagues invested $500,000 in Metabiota through their company Rosemont Seneca. US reports indicate that the US Department of Defence awarded Metabiota an $18.4 million contract between February 2014 and November 2016, of which $307,091 were allocated to ‘research projects in Ukraine.’
However, this correspondence shows that the Pentagon’s goals in Ukraine were far from scientific — in one of the memos, Metabiota Executive Vice President Mary Guttieri outlines to Biden how they can ‘defend Ukraine’s cultural and economic independence from Russia.’ 
A letter from the director of the Co-operative Threat Reduction Programme Robert Pope to the Minister of Health of Ukraine Ulana Suprun also has come to light. 
This document testifies to the active assistance of the Minister in the creation of the Central Depository of Especially Dangerous Microorganisms and the adoption of a very strange (for the Minister of Health) decision to place this object of increased danger in the capital of Ukraine — Kyiv. 
Biden Jr. himself clumsily tries to get out of uncomfortable truth, producing movie-like versions concerning his laptop: at first some mysterious drug dealers stole it, then Russian intelligence hacked it... However, this storytelling was dispelled by the New York Times, which previously actively supported the Biden family: March 16th, 2022 an article appeared that confirmed that the information found in the computer is indeed genuine. And on our side we are waiting for new discoveries from the hard drive. 

German trace

Meanwhile, it turned out that the Americans were not alone in their desire to turn Ukraine into a testing ground for biological weapons. During the plenary session of the Conference on Disarmament, Gennady Gatilov, Permanent Representative of Russia to the UN Geneva Office, has also openly declared the existence of German biological laboratories in Ukraine. 
“It should be pointed out that the documents confirm the fact that Germany is implementing its own military biological programme in Ukraine,” he said.
The diplomat added that Germany’s actions, previously unknown to the general public, pose the same threat as US biological experiments and require detailed study. So far, it is known that these studies are funded by the German Foreign Ministry and the Bundeswehr. The goal of the programme is to study the potential of deadly diseases such as Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever in Eastern Europe.
The latter was commented on by a former member of UN Commission on Chemical, Bacteriological and Biological Weapons, a well-known microbiologist Igor Nikulin,
“This undertaking has deep historical roots: the notorious Dr. Mengele conducted experiments with prisoners with the Crimean-Congo fever during the Second World War in the Dachau concentration camp. So they had some experience in this, and the Germans decided to continue their development.”
According to the expert, Germany is not an independent subject of world politics, and its limited role has been delegated to it in the common biological programme of NATO. At the same time, of course, it is difficult to talk about the peaceful humanitarian orientation of work at these facilities if military virologists work on them, producing pathogens in huge volumes. In the event that biolaboratories are really engaged in the development of biological weapons, then the one who ordered the start of these studies is simply insane, Nikulin is sure. He told the Federal News Agency,
“Only an absolute madman can unleash a biological war, because even chemical or nuclear weapons operate in a specific territory, but biological weapons are self-replicating, they will continue to spread around the world, like SARS-CoV-2: in a few months it will already be in dozens of countries”. 
That is, it is impossible to control the consequences of an infection released from a test tube, no matter what the officers expect.
Now, as you know, stocks of pathogens have been hastily destroyed, and the personnel and documentation of Western laboratories have been evacuated from Ukrainian territory. However, this is unlikely to cover all traces, not only of the Americans, but also of their NATO partners. There is no way to justify the development of biological weapons on the territory of third countries, which is a violation of international law. 

People ENGAGED in the creation of biological weapons components in Ukraine:

1. Robert Pope was at that time the Defence Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) staff worker and the director of the Co-operative Threat Reduction Programme, the purpose of which was to involve post-Soviet countries in military biological activities.

2. Joanna Wintrall, head of the DTRA office in Ukraine, led the coordination of military biological projects and the selection of performers. The American projects UP-4, UP-6, UP-8 were implemented under her supervision to study deadly pathogens, including anthrax, Congo-Crimean fever and leptospirosis.

3. Lance Lippencott — head of the Ukrainian branch of Black & Veatch, the main contact person for the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Since 2008, his company has been conducting projects for the Pentagon to study potentially dangerous bioagents — including UP-1 to study rickettsia and tick-borne encephalitis in arthropods in the North Western Ukraine and UP-2 on the introduction of remote monitoring of the incidence of tularaemia and anthrax at Ukrainian biological facilities.

4. David Mustra is closely associated with another Pentagon contractor, Metabiota. Mustra oversaw biomonitoring and information transmission, previously led military biological projects in Ukraine and Eastern Europe under the Co-operative Threat Reduction Programme.

5. Mary Guttieri is a representative of Metabiota in Ukraine and a confidant of Hunter Biden. Her company is known for its developments in predicting outbreaks of infectious diseases and was involved by the Pentagon in modelling the epidemiological situation in the post-Soviet space.
Source — Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation

By Roman Rud