About 1,000 WWII-era shells lifted from sea bottom in Sevastopol

Almost 1,000 shells from the Great Patriotic War times have been lifted by the Russian Emergencies Ministry from the bottom of the Gilzovaya Bay in Sevastopol, RIA Novosti reports Photo: For the third year in a row, specialists have been cleaning the water area from artillery shells, mortar mines, and hand grenades, and about 1,000 of them have been lifted to the surface in 2023 already. Divers take such finds to the surface from the depth, and after that they are transported to a ...

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South China Sea level is 150mm up since early 20th century

Researchers from South China Sea Institute of Oceanology under the ... level in the South China Sea has risen by 150mm since ... , from 1850 to 1900, the sea level rose by 0.73mm ... 3.75mm per year. Experts say such changes may be the ...

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