Honey for Chechersk craftsman from President

... the President – Inspector for the Gomel Region, Nikolai Rogashchuk, has handed over ...

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Lukashenko laid flowers at Memory of Displaced Villages memorial

In Chechersk, the Head of State laid flowers at the Memory of Displaced Villages memorial located at the entrance to the city. The President also talked with local residents. The memorial complex – unveiled on July 3rd, 2003 – is based on a project of the Belarusian State Transport University students. It is a wooden structure in the form of a town hall on a concrete pedestal. Concrete symbolises the resettled, dead villages, while wood stands for life and development of the remaining ...

Lukashenko , Gomel Region

Lukashenko: we won’t cut off state support for Chernobyl-affected areas

... cited woodworking. Half of the Gomel Region is occupied by forests while ... contrary, how to help the Gomel Region to develop production.” At the ...

Lukashenko , Gomel Region , Chernobyl

Lukashenko was invited to memorial complex opening near Gomel

... detachment was created in the Gomel Region forests. Its members were really ... the entire territory of the Gomel Region,” the President was told. “In ...

Lukashenko , Gomel Region

Lukashenko visited Chechersk Central District Hospital

... inter-district centres in the Gomel Region and the birth rate in ...

Lukashenko , healthcare , Gomel Region

Lukashenko visiting Chechersk – with focus on restoration of Chernobyl-affected areas

... of State is visiting the Gomel Region’s Chechersk District today – to ...

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Gomel Region leadership and young people working at Partizanskaya Krinichka Memorial

The memorial is located near Gomel and its reconstruction is planned to be completed this year. The memorial place in the forest area is known as the base point of the Bolshevik partisan detachment. photo: Telegram channel Gomelshchina ofitsialno The combat path of the detachment began here, at the Partizansksya Krinichka; from here the river of the partisan movement in the vicinity of Gomel spilled. The fighters carried out sabotage on the railways and participated in the Operation Bagration ...

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Gomel Region and Chinese Hebei ready to co-operate

The Deputy Chairman of Belarus’ Gomel Region, Andrei Konyushko, held an online ... the past three years. The Gomel Region mainly sells wood pulp, timber ... , concrete and restaurant activity. The Gomel Region enjoys bilateral co-operation with ... the Svetlogorsk District of the Gomel region and the city of Baoding ...

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