Posted: 16.01.2024 17:51:00

Opinion: large-scale tricky venture being prepared for another robbery of the world under the guise of incomprehensible diseases

The agenda of the World Economic Forum in Davos is being hotly discussed in the information field, since disease X – that can potentially be 20 times deadlier that COVID-19 – is among its topics. In his talk with Alfa Radio, Aleksei Belyaev, the Dean of the Journalism Department at the Belarusian State University, explained why such issues are coming to the fore.

“The Davos Forum in Switzerland was once one of the most important congresses of the world elite, where issues of the global economy were discussed, its planning for decades ahead took place, and important programmes were developed for further implementation. At the same time, representatives of most leading countries, including Russia and China, were involved in the discussion. If we look at the Davos event of recent years, then we can see no official representatives of Russia and China, and the business representation is actually slipping to almost zero. Davos is now transforming from a world forum into an exclusively Western event. Last year, its participants discussed how to deliver more tanks to Ukraine instead of economic problems. This year, [Ukrainian President Volodymyr] Zelenskyy is going there. He will ask for assistance, but is likely to be neglected. Meanwhile, the topic – which has stirred up the global information field about some new possible diseases that will require consolidation of additional budgets to fight them – is of great interest,” Mr. Belyaev said.

The expert believes that no real medical safety and security in the healthcare sector will be discussed in Davos. “Instead, just another distribution of budget funds and milking incomprehensible money from the world community will be on the agenda. It is unclear how this money is spent on, since we did not see the final reports and do not know what happened to the sums allocated to fight COVID. At the same time, we witnessed the serious negative consequences for many states caused by prohibitive measures. We saw how certain pharmaceutical companies and individual families – such as citizen [European Commission President Ursula] von der Leyen and her husband who worked at Pfizer – forced Europe to pay for their personal well-being by buying unnecessary vaccines. At present, another tricky venture is apparently being prepared, and it is likely to be of major scales,” Mr. Belyaev noted. “It has already been declared that more money is needed now than for the fight against COVID, since this new disease is supposedly dangerous. Actually, nobody explains what kind of disease it is, and there is not a single medic in Davos – there are only economists and politicians there. Accordingly, it is clear that this is a political disease, this is a deterrence and an attempt to squeeze out everything of the world they still control, to pour new money into incomprehensible projects. This money is accumulated in certain funds: i.e. a special fund was formed in Germany in COVID times, and it kept 60bn Euros that were not spent on anything. Differently speaking, money was withdrawn from the official circulation. At present, attempts are being undertaken to use it for some incomprehensible tricky ventures in Germany and to support completely absurd projects of Mr. Scholz and representatives of the Greens.”

The expert explained, “If we look at the whole world and its huge amounts of money, given the activities of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, we can imagine that the scales will be gigantic. At present, a real large-scale tricky venture is being prepared for another robbery of the world under the guise of some incomprehensible diseases, which are actually recorded daily. We have witnessed so many of them already – including COVID, different types of flu, rabies, and so on. Diseases have always existed, and among them were the AIDS epidemic and the plague of the 21st century. Where they are now? The fight against them has gradually died down. It is necessary to understand that these are nothing more than attempts to shake up society, to create a certain picture for people in order to steal something from someone under this cover.”