Opinion: large-scale tricky venture being prepared for another robbery of the world under the guise of incomprehensible diseases

... the World Economic Forum in Davos is being hotly discussed in ... coming to the fore. “The Davos Forum in Switzerland was once ... . If we look at the Davos event of recent years, then ... actually slipping to almost zero. Davos is now transforming from a ... sector will be discussed in Davos. “Instead, just another distribution of ... not a single medic in Davos – there are only economists and ...

Belyaev , opinion , Davos , disease X , medicine

Davos is no longer the same...

... the World Economic Forum in Davos to discuss and develop a ... ’s what the WEF in Davos is all about today. The ... the early days of the Davos forum. International Monetary Fund, a ... of tanks to Ukraine in Davos. The forum is used as ... controlled metaverse was voiced in Davos (that’s right, without quotes ...

World Economic Forum , Davos

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