Posted: 27.12.2023 15:18:00

MP explained how Lukashenko differs from presidents of Ukraine and Lithuania

Unlike the presidents of some neighbouring countries, Aleksandr Lukashenko is doing everything to ensure that Belarus develops and the republic’s citizens live peacefully – as stated by a deputy of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly, Oleg Gaidukevich, in his talk with Alfa Radio

As the President of Republika Srpska, Milorad Dodik, noted earlier in an interview with the RTR-Belarus TV channel, Aleksandr Lukashenko is known for fighting for his country and his people. Commenting on that statement, Mr. Gaidukevich compared the Belarusian leader to the presidents of Ukraine and Lithuania, Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Gitanas Nauseda.

“What is Aleksandr Lukashenko thinking about? He is thinking of how to make so that there would be no war. His foreign policy is guided by this. He is doing everything to ensure that Belarusians never fight. He is not just talking about it: he is doing. Meanwhile, Zelenskyy’s policy inspires people to die for the sake of who knows what. What does Belarus’ President say about the economy? He says we should trade with all our neighbours in our interests, not to deceive anyone either in Africa or in the Middle East. What does the crazy Lithuanian President say? He declares, “We will not buy electricity from Belarus, it is a bad country, let's pay more, it's better to freeze. We will not trade with Belarus and Russia, there is no democracy there. It is better to starve to death. We are sincere Democrats." People look at him like a fool and leave for different countries, while Lithuanian businessmen are in search of ways – and they find a million of them – how to circumvent sanctions and how to trade. That's the difference," the MP stressed.

Mr. Gaidukevich added that Europe needs strong leaders who will defend the national interests of their own countries. “We need people like the prime ministers of Hungary [Viktor Orban] and Slovakia [Robert Fico], like the Alternative for Germany party, and other parties in different countries. They can also be criticised, but they talk about their own national interests. We need patriots in power in Europe. We will always come to an agreement with them. A patriot will always find a common language with another patriot. Meanwhile, it is difficult to come to an agreement with those who are subordinate to Americans, who cannot conduct an independent policy,” the MP emphasised.