Posted: 27.09.2022 10:49:00

Media: Biden may no longer be making US foreign policy

US President Joe Biden violated the principle of ‘strategic ambiguity’ in American foreign policy when he expressed his willingness to support Taiwan, so he could be removed from decision-making – as noted by 19Fortyfive columnist Gordon Chang, RIA Novosti reports


The news agency recalled that earlier the American leader, in an interview with CBS, said that in case of an armed clash between Taiwan and China, the United States would enter into a conflict on the side of Taipei.

Gordon Chang believes that with his words, Joe Biden dramatically changed the long-term course of the United States in the international arena, which was based on the principle of ‘strategic ambiguity’. According to the expert, this approach allowed Washington to keep secret its true intentions in the Taiwan issue.

It is noted that after the interview with the Head of the White House, high-ranking officials from the administration of the American leader reported that US foreign policy has not changed. Thus, they refuted the words of Joe Biden.

Biden, the commander-in-chief, is the one constitutionally charged with making American foreign policy. Yet his subordinates directly contradicted him, effectively exercising his powers, the observer noted.

Moreover, Gordon Chang said that disarray can have real-world consequences, especially in a world that already appears to be transitioning from a period of general calm to one of constant turbulence.