Posted: 20.01.2023 16:53:00

Gigin: West afraid of direct clash with Russia

Western countries know that Russian strategic forces are in excellent condition, understanding that the invasion of NATO forces into the territory of Belarus is not possible – as noted by Vadim Gigin, the Chairman of the Republican Znanie Belarusian Society, during his talk with ONT TV channel

ONT video screenshot

Gigin stressed that the Belarusian security forces had spoken about this even earlier. And in the West, there were simulations showing that the Russian strategic forces are in good condition, “If a threat really arises, Russia is ready to use all the forces of deterrence that it has. And the West knows this very well, it is afraid of it. The collective West understands that an invasion of the territory of Belarus by NATO forces will mean, according to our Military Doctrine, an invasion of the territory of the Union State. Therefore, they [Western countries] are very afraid of this. Since they do not want a nuclear war, they are trying to defeat the Russian Federation by economic, diplomatic means.”

Moreover, the expert stated that one of the main goals of the West is the destruction of relations between Belarus and Russia, “The rupture of relations, the destruction of the integration community, the destruction of our military alliance belongs to the strategic goals of the West. They didn’t only achieve it, but during the special military operation they saw that we began to liaise even closer.”