Posted: 08.12.2023 14:00:00

Expert: US trying to absolve itself of responsibility for Ukraine

Recent statements by President Joe Biden show that the United States wants to absolve itself of responsibility for Ukraine – as noted by political expert Spiridon Kilinkarov in his talk with the Soloviev Live TV channel


According to the expert, in order to understand whether the position of the West has changed with regard to Ukraine and its President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, it is enough to listen to Joe Biden, “Some time ago, he said that the United States would help Ukraine as much as needed. However, recently, he spoke about Ukraine as follows: ‘We will help Ukraine to protect itself’. After all, there is a significant difference between such statements. In the former one, there is a willingness to take responsibility for the further development of events. In the latter one, the removal of this responsibility is evident: supposedly, they will help, but nobody knows how everything will develop further.”

Mr. Kilinkarov believes that the Ukrainian leader is upset by this attitude of the United States. “In general, after his recent visit to the United States, the situation has radically changed, including the mood of the Ukrainian authorities and Zelenskyy in particular. There is already an understanding that a big geopolitical game is going on, in which no one is interested in Kiev's opinion at all. They used to think they were irreplaceable. Zelenskyy was sure that he was much more important to Biden and the West than they were to him. He believed that he could not be replaced by anyone. However, it is obvious that Zelenskyy is not of great interest to them, and they will easily get rid of him – in the same way as they did in relation to many leaders who faithfully served the West," the expert concluded.