Posted: 30.05.2024 16:07:00

Expert: Belarus, Russia synchronising military potential to strengthen regional security

Belarus is now actually in the epicentre of the largest military-political crisis in the region, fuelled by the Western coalition. The latter uses hybrid methods against the countries that pursue independent domestic and foreign policies. Therefore, the issues of security and defence of the Union State were high on the agenda during the recent talks between the presidents of Belarus and Russia in Minsk. The same emphasis was also made during a meeting of the defence ministers of Belarus and Russia. Military expert Igor Chibisov has commented on the issue.

“It is very important that the presidents of Belarus and Russia are in constant contact and interaction, and this makes it possible to quickly respond to the prevailing conditions and determine the optimal strategy and tactics of actions against unfriendly countries. Moreover, the countries’ defence ministers have established contact in the most expeditious way, and this fact also plays an important role in increasing combat readiness of their armed forces. During the recent visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to Belarus, they held talks, and Andrei Belousov then stressed the special nature of relations between the armed forces of the two states. Belarus’ Defence Minister Viktor Khrenin rightly noted that this is especially important in the difficult conditions of the military-political situation developing around Belarus and Russia. The visit of the Russian leader to China was also an absolutely positive moment for Belarus in this context. The deepening interaction between our two most important allies – Moscow and Beijing – is becoming a strong deterrent for Belarus' detractors," the expert noted.