Posted: 05.05.2023 14:42:00

Expert: Americans fomenting religious wars with view of coming 20-30 years

Political expert Andrei Lazutkin has commented on the tense situation developing around Ukrainian Orthodox churches


“What are Americans doing? For example, there was a country [Ukraine] with a certain dominant religion. At the same time, there were other religions in the world, and no one touched anyone. However, the United States is brewing this bloody mess so that your country will also turn into a patchwork quilt – aiming to divide people according to political, religious or other grounds. This is being done as a constant war. Differently speaking, a military attack is not enough for them: they view a religious war as a quite another matter. Conflicts based on religion can last for 20-30 years, and Americans look at everything from the point of view of creating such tension. They act in Ukraine in the same way, aiming to set off all its Orthodox population,” the expert noted.

The conflict related to the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra in Ukraine escalated after the Culture Ministry unilaterally broke the lease agreement and demanded that the monks of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church leave the monastery by March 29th. They can remain there only if supporting the schismatic Orthodox Church of Ukraine.