Posted: 12.01.2024 16:00:00

Deputy predicts increase in conflict in Polish society

Polish farmers have threatened to resume the blockade of checkpoints on the border with Ukraine if they do not receive written guarantees from the authorities that their demands will be met. Member of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus Sergei Klishevich, commenting on this news in his talk with Alfa Radio, predicted an increase in internal conflict in Polish society.

The parliamentarian connected what was happening on the Polish-Ukrainian border with the political struggle in the country, “Polish farmers are the electorate of Jaroslaw Kaczynski, who skilfully used and uses them in the political struggle. Attempts to put pressure, with the help of farmers, on the already formed new government of Donald Tusk continue. Tusk has a rather cool attitude towards the problems of farmers; he has a different political field, a different electorate, and other problems that he primarily deals with. Yes, he made a statement that even if Ukraine is admitted to the EU, Poland will still not open its borders to Ukrainian goods. However, today no one believes oral statements, because everyone sees perfectly well what’s happening in the political leadership of Poland, what kind of showdowns are going on there and how, without any twinge of conscience, Polish politicians can deceive their own people. So of course Polish farmers are worried about their future. They, of course, first of all worry about themselves, their well-being, and their families. They do not want Ukrainian goods to enter Poland and even oppose the transit of goods through their territory, because they simply do not trust Ukrainian transit documents. This is understandable. In fact, there is no state, and any kind of certificates can be issued in Ukraine. It all started with the fact that after the grain deal that existed, there was an agreement that the Ukrainians would be able to transport grain through the territory of Poland, and the Poles would not inspect this cargo. As a result, Ukrainians took advantage of the situation and began to bring everything they could sell in Poland and other EU member states. This, naturally, hit the financial situation of Polish farmers.”

Discussing the roots of what is happening, the deputy also noted that the results of Western policy are obvious, “Nobody thinks about Polish or Ukrainian families. Neither the politicians of these two countries, nor their Western curators in the United States. American oligarchs, politicians who are in power and have usurped it, are profiting. And they simply don’t care about all other people, and the situation [on the Ukrainian-Polish border] proves this. There are interests and goals of a narrow group of American politicians, who realise them at the expense of the well-being and lives of ordinary people around the world. Ukraine, Poland, Vietnam, other countries – the Americans don’t care. The main thing is to constantly replenish pockets with dirty dollars.”

Predicting how the situation might develop further, a member of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly said, “I think we will continue to observe an increase in conflict in Polish society, which will result in something serious and bad for the current authorities of the country.