Posted: 29.05.2023 09:53:00

Another S-400 anti-aircraft missile system arrived in Belarus

Another S-400 anti-aircraft missile system has arrived in Belarus to take up combat duty in the nearest future, the Defence Ministry reports in its Telegram channel


As noted by the Defence Ministry, Belarusian anti-aircraft gunners have undergone training for the combat use of the system at Russia’s grounds. “Servicemen are ready to put their knowledge and skills into practice to ensure the military security of Belarus and the Union State as a whole," the source stressed.

It is informed that the delivery was carried out as part of military and military-technical co-operation between Belarus and Russia. “Belarus continues to implement measures to increase the combat potential of the regional group of troops (forces), including by equipping formations and military units of the Armed Forces with new modern weapons," the Defence Ministry emphasised.

Colonel Andrei Lukyanovich, the Commander of the Air Force and Air Defence of Belarus’ Armed Forces, noted upon the arrival of the S-400 complex in Belarus, “To date, this is the most modern anti-aircraft missile system capable of hitting the entire range of air targets – means of air attack, including those flying along ballistic trajectories with a range of up to 400km. High-performance characteristics, tactical and technical data of the complex, well-trained combat crews act as a serious argument for ensuring the safety of our country and the peaceful work of its citizens. Thanks to the planned and systematic work on rearmament and re-equipment, we always demonstrate a high level of professionalism of our air defence troops.”