Posted: 13.01.2022 16:11:00

Winter resorts in Belarus

The New Year holidays have already ended, upon having exchanged their gifts, the residents and guests of the Blue-eyed Belarus immediately rushed to the traditional winter fun: playing snowballs, skiing, sledding, ice skating. Making leisure time fun and even useful is easier than ever. Now the ski resorts are packed to the fullest.

Logoisk Ski Sports and Recreation Complex

Master snowboard cross-track

Silichy Ski Centre
Slopes and service at the Logoisk ski resort are at their best in every sense. For those who like to ride with the wind in their hair, there are five equipped tracks. Extreme sports lovers will appreciate the snow park with intricate figures for tricks of varying difficulty and the snowboard cross-track.
One of the most popular family attractions is ‘Vesyolaya Vatrushka’, which is a quick downhill ride on a tubing sledge. The tubing track is equipped with a special lift that will quickly take children and adults to the top. If you get tired of riding, you can shoot at a shooting range from a bow, crossbow or air gun.
And be sure to check out the local restaurant. It is impossible to resist homemade lard, squash caviar, potato pancakes with gravy, a fragrant pot of chicken and mushrooms. Another special feature of the ski complex is the traditional wood-fired sauna.

Drive the stress away

Silichy Ski Centre
Photo by BELTA
The Silichy family recreation centre is located in a unique place for Belarus, where the relief drops reach thirty meters. Here, surrounded by a coniferous forest, skiers and snowboarders master ten tracks of various difficulty levels. Those looking for romance come to the snowy slopes at night. Riding under the starry sky is a special pleasure. Plus, there is no queue for the lifts and the price is more pleasant.
Silichy is not only about skiing. For those who are tired of the frantic pace of life, worried about trifles or are close to a burnout, we have created the Antistress programme. The weekly relaxation tour includes breathing exercises, massage, spa, halotherapy, proper nutrition. And nature itself here heals no worse than various procedures.
Find a place in the sun
The only ski centre in the capital that can be reached even by city bus or trolleybus is Solnechnaya Dolina. By the way, the resort with a mirrored name also welcomes guests not far from Chelyabinsk.
For those who like to drive and spin, there are three slopes at their disposal: the first is with a springboard for snowboarders, the second is a training one, and the third is suitable for those who glide confidently on the snow. Exclusive entertainment is the extreme rail track with bends and turns.
True, you need to focus on the view outside the window, as the centre fully works only in snowy weather. Although guests are welcome here without sports equipment, in the off-season you can sit in a restaurant, rent a guest house or organise a corporate party. You can also play airsoft or laser tag with your family or friends.

Beat the record


Just twenty kilometres from Minsk is The legendary Republican Centre for Olympic Training in Winter Sports Raubichi. In winter, the trail is open for cross-country skiing fans. There is also a snowboard slope and ski jumps. Pros often come here to ride a steep ski slope or demonstrate their agility on the acrobatic slope, which hosted the European Freestyle Cup stages. The most notable sports tournaments are organised in Raubichi, where fans warmly support everyone without exception, but the loudest, of course, are Belarusians and Russians.

Ride a ‘winter horse’

Photo by BELTA
Mozyr is famous for its landscapes: there are hills, ravines and whole streets located on steep slopes. They create landscapes of rare beauty in the city and its surroundings. It is not surprising that the ski complex is very popular here in winter. The height difference of up to thirty meters creates ideal conditions for skiing and snowboarding. The season here lasts from December to March. For those who are no longer impressed by skiing, snowboarding, skating and tubing, we organised snowmobiling. The wind in your face, adrenaline and thrills are guaranteed.

By Kristina Khilko