Posted: 16.05.2022 14:14:00

Vucic: Serbia does not support sanctions against Russia

The Serbian authorities will resist the imposition of sanctions against Russia as much as they can, TASS reports


As noted by the Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic, his country’s economy is one hundred percent dependent on Russian gas, and Serbia will try to restrain sanctions against the Russian Federation since the country may suffer great losses.

“We are suffering a lot by not imposing sanctions on the Russian Federation, but we are doing this because we are an independent and sovereign country,” Mr. Vucic said.

The President of Serbia added that the issue of anti-Russian sanctions is related to gas and energy prices in the country. The Serbian economy is 100 percent dependent on Russian gas, so Belgrade hopes for a ‘good price’ at the upcoming gas negotiations with Moscow.

Earlier, in his address to the nation following a meeting of the Security Council, Mr. Vucic said that Serbia supports the territorial integrity of Ukraine, but it will not impose sanctions against Russia.