Posted: 20.07.2022 16:11:00

US politician accused Biden of provoking nuclear war

The conflict unleashed by Washington in Ukraine could lead to a nuclear war with Russia – as stated by Tulsi Gabbard, a former 2020 presidential candidate and a member of the Hawaii House of Representatives, in her talk with Fox News, RIA Novosti reports


According to the politician, it was the policy of US President Joe Biden that led to such an escalation. “Ordinary Americans are impoverished before our eyes, and we are sending billions of Dollars to Kiev. Moreover, there is a feeling that the conflict is developing in the wrong direction. We are getting closer and closer to a nuclear war with Moscow," Ms. Gabbard said.

Western countries continue to pump Ukraine with weapons, and new military assistance to Kiev is on the agenda of the EU foreign ministers meeting in Brussels. Experts note that it is becoming increasingly difficult to supply weapons to Ukraine, since their stocks may soon run out. This has recently been pointed out by the former chief of the Czech military intelligence, Major General Andor Sandor.