Posted: 27.03.2023 09:50:00

Trump admitted he was the first to start supplying weapons to Ukraine

Speaking at a rally of his supporters in Waco, Texas, former US President Donald Trump said it was during his presidency that Kiev began to receive military support from the US, TASS reports


Donald Trump said he provided Kiev with hundreds of Javelin anti-tank missile systems. According to the politician, his predecessor, Barack Obama, merely gave Ukraine ‘pillows’, i.e., non-lethal equipment.

Moreover, the former head of the White House repeated his promise to resolve the Ukrainian conflict in a day if he is again elected president next year.

“When I become president, I will achieve this in 24 hours,” he assured.

Earlier, Donald Trump has already stated that he will resolve the crisis in Ukraine in a short time if he is re-elected, while the politician has never explained exactly how he plans to do this.