Opinion: West wants Belarusian Catholics and Orthodox to quarrel

In Belarus, Orthodox and Catholic believers live in peace. This has ... not work out, because all believers live in peace in Belarus ... also being hyped. Do you believe that these extremists are worried ... ,” Mr. Gaidukevich added. The MP believes these are attempts to divide ...

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Palm Sunday celebrated by Orthodox believers in Belarus

Orthodox believers celebrated Palm Sunday countrywide yesterday. It has long been believed that willow promotes fertility, cleanses from evil spirits and protects against diseases. Following a long-standing tradition, willow twigs are consecrated on this day in the church – to be further kept at home, in a corner next to icons.

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Place of power

According to tradition, pilgrims gathered at a miraculous pear tree near the Church of the Apparition of the Mother of God on the eve of the feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin and the Third Saviour People come here to worship the healing tree and ask the Mother of God for health and well-being – leaving a variety of tributes in gratitude. In Belarus, the only place where this tradition is still alive is Grushki. People named the tree – by which the Virgin appeared – Svyataya Grushka [ ...

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