Belarus reports six airspace violations by EU since August 2023

... Belarus’ state border in the airspace, “Since August 2023 alone, six ... state border both in the airspace and on land. Our troops ...

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President first approved decision on state border protection in airspace

... border, a component in the airspace was added. The Armed Forces ...

Lukashenko , state border , Belarus , Gulevich , airspace

Belarus investigates violation of state border in the airspace from Ukraine’s side

... its state border in the airspace from the side of Ukraine ... the state border in the airspace was recorded from the side ...

defence ministry , border , airspace

Belarus, Russia to enjoy common airspace

Belarus and Russia will become even closer in the aviation sector – as informed by Artem Sikorsky, the Director of the Aviation Department at Belarus’ Transport and Communications Ministry, in his talk with the STV TV channel Photo: As noted by a programme presenter, Belarus and Russia are now getting closer in many areas. With this in mind, Mr. Sikorsky was asked whether similar tendencies are observed in the field of aviation. “We have a separate roadmap focusing on civil ...

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