Posted: 03.10.2023 16:40:00

Ryabikhin on CSTO Combat Brotherhood-2023 military exercise

Military exercise of the CSTO member states – Combat Brotherhood-2023 – was held in Belarus from September 1st-6th. The drills were planned and open. Colonel Dmitry Ryabikhin, Deputy Chief of the Department – Chief of the 1st Directorate of the International Military Co-operation Department of the Defence Ministry, spoke about the main results of the military manoeuvres with SB TV.

The guest of the programme recalled that during the Combat Brotherhood-2023 operational-strategic exercise, various tasks were practiced with the use of troops (forces) within the framework of the collective security system.

“Components such as collective rapid response forces, forces and means of logistics support, forces and means of reconnaissance, radiation-chemical, biological protection and other components were involved. The tasks set as part of the military drills have been completed. Certain elements that were practiced during the exercise received widespread media coverage. We could observe the landing of various types of aircraft on aviation sections of public roads. Certain types of aircraft generally landed on these sections of roads for the first time,” noted Dmitry Ryabikhin.

The Colonel continued that, as part of the practical action, it was possible to observe the landing of personnel at extremely low altitudes.

“This is about 150-200m, which – taking into account the need for an extremely high level of training and danger – is practiced by a few countries. If we talk about the quality of the events, foreign representatives could also assess them. Representatives of the military-diplomatic corps and observers from seventeen states took part in observing the practical part. This once again demonstrates the openness of the Republic of Belarus,” underlined Dmitry Ryabikhin.

According to the official, representatives of NATO countries also took part in observing the practical actions.

“These are Bulgaria, Turkiye and Germany. Representatives of the armed forces of Mongolia and the Islamic Republic of Iran also took part in monitoring this episode,” added Dmitry Ryabikhin.