Posted: 30.01.2024 11:03:00

Russian FM: Russia ready for substantive proposals for diplomatic settlement in Ukraine

Russia remains open to truly substantive proposals for a diplomatic settlement of the situation around Ukraine, TASS reports


According to the Head of the Second Department of the CIS Countries at the Russian Foreign Ministry, Aleksei Polishchuk, there’s no hope nowadays that the West will change its approach to the Ukrainian settlement.

“The current Kiev leadership are puppets, primarily, of Washington, London and Brussels. They benefit from escalating the Ukrainian crisis, used by them in their attempts to inflict a ‘strategic defeat’ on Russia and to take measures aimed to economically weaken their competitors from the countries of continental Europe, who are zombified by the ‘Russian threat’ and do not realise the real threats to their own security,” Polishchuk explained. “In turn, Russia has always remained open to truly meaningful proposals for overcoming the current crisis through political and diplomatic methods.”