Posted: 02.04.2024 16:37:00

Rossiya Segodnya CEO: external challenges made Russia and Belarus stronger

Belarus and Russia should unite forces to resist the onslaught from the West – as stated by Dmitry Kiselyov, the Director General of Rossiya Segodnya international news agency, speaking at the Union State: Scientific Breakthrough media forum recently held in Minsk

“It is pleasant that Belarus holds a very strong position in electronics. At the same time, Russia creates opportunities for Belarus to develop this industry – acting both as a market and as a partner," Mr. Kiselyov said.

The journalist noted that Belarus had managed to preserve its statehood, not moving along Ukraine’s path of self-destruction when patriotism is replaced by nationalism, and completely different genetic and historical roots are introduced.

“Belarus is demonstrating evolution in a completely different direction: we are together, united, and we are actually creating a fortress that can withstand any onslaught from the West. At the same time, a good mood remains in our countries and in our society. Even this situation of historical challenge has renewed us, inspiring us with fresh vigour. Actually, the Minsk forum is a testament to our creative energy,” Mr. Kiselyov said.

The Rossiya Segodnya CEO believes that Nazism cannot disappear by itself, it can only be defeated on the battlefield – as confirmed by the history of the Great Patriotic War, “Nazism is not just a history, but a modern reality. Poroshenko [President of Ukraine in 2014-2019] said that ‘our children would go to school, and theirs would stay in basements’ – meaning that some would have access to schools and education, and others would live in ruins. This division of people into categories and grades is true Nazism, and it all ended in war as a result. It has so developed in history that Nazism does not dissolve by itself. It did not disappear by itself in Japan, Italy or Germany. It can stop existing only as a result of military defeat.”

Mr. Kiselyov added that the countries have reached a historical point when the military defeat of the neo-Nazi regime will inevitably follow, and peaceful life will develop, “Therefore, the events of eighty years ago are very relevant to the present. We need to constantly and openly relate what happened in the past and what is happening now. There has never been an eternal peace, and it will never be created. Peace is always the result of war, and now there is a war for a new world structure. As a result of that war, peace has lasted until the modern generation, and we now must build, conquer a new world and a new structure, also finding a new balance. This is the historical meaning of the events taking place now.”