Posted: 26.12.2023 14:13:00

Refugees savagely beaten by mercenaries spoke of brutality on Latvia’s border

Refugees fleeing the destructive expansion of the West in their homeland continue to face brutality on the border of the European Union, and Belarus’ Investigative Committee informs on a new egregious case

"Foreign citizens fleeing the destructive expansion of Western ‘democracy’ in their homeland continue to face ruthless mercenaries on the border of the European Union. The Baltic States’ punitive forces take money, mobile phones and documents from defenceless foreigners who ask for help, and then brutally beat children, women and men, throwing them later into the territory of Belarus already dead or leaving those who are exhausted to freeze in a forest,” the Investigative Committee reported.

According to the Investigative Committee, this December, border guards in the Verkhnedvinsk District found four beaten people from Iran, Syria and Sudan. The refugees were taken to healthcare facilities, where medical assistance was provided to them. After that, law enforcement officers worked with the foreigners. During the interrogation, the victims told investigators that they had asked for help on the territory of Latvia, but instead food, money, mobile phones, documents and other personal belongings were taken away from them. After that, the refugees were severely beaten and pushed into Belarus.

"The collected evidence will complement a multi-volume criminal case – which is overseen now by the main investigative department of the Investigative Committee – against Latvian officials for crimes committed against the safety of mankind,” the source said.