Posted: 02.02.2023 11:29:00

Polish security forces do not stop trying to force out refugees through animal gates

The Polish authorities continue to pursue a policy of ill-treatment of refugees, ignoring the rights of people who need protection and help – as stated by the State Border Committee of Belarus in its Telegram channel


The border department said that ‘another fact of violation of international law and inhuman treatment of refugees was recorded on January 30th’. According to its information, the Polish security forces ‘delivered a group of foreigners from the depths of the territory on official vehicles to the barriers set up on the border with Belarus, then – under the threat of using physical force – forced the refugees to pass through the gates for animals’.

The State Border Committee of Belarus underlined that the Polish military ‘leave people in a knowingly life-threatening situation, do not conduct investigations and necessary procedures, prohibit volunteers from providing medical and legal assistance to vulnerable groups of people and persecute activists and journalists who are trying to see the real picture on the Polish side of the border’.

“The result of the cruelty of the Polish security forces towards refugees and their impunity for such actions is 11 deaths on the border with Poland since the beginning of the migration crisis,” the State Border Committee concluded.