Posted: 05.12.2022 14:25:00

Pinevich: medical personnel training is one of the most difficult issues for any state

After today’s report to the President, Healthcare Minister Dmitry Pinevich told reporters about the personnel policy in healthcare


He particularly underlined, “The issue of training medical personnel is one of the most difficult for any state. Russian Healthcare Minister Mikhail Murashko announced 26,000 medical vacancies in Russia. There is information about simplified access for medical professionals to the labour market in Western Europe. We respond systematically. The first thing that the Head of State discussed was the practice of applying targeted admissions to medical universities with a special admission mechanism, which will also cover the most gifted young people.

The second is the transformation of COVID additional payments. Earlier they depended on the structural unit where specialists work with COVID infection while now they are being transformed into additional payments to all categories of personnel. This practice will continue in December.

The third issue deals with rental housing. It was also worked out upon the Head of State’s instruction, when our specialists – having received the right to move into rental housing – receive the opportunity to buy this housing later on preferential terms after a certain period of work.

The fourth block is the equipping of workplaces. It is clear that when specialists work with new equipment and within new walls, this, of course, affects their professional self-realisation and the decision to stay in their workplaces. Thirty healthcare facilities that will be put into operation this year (some in H1 2023) also enable us to say that specialists will stay at their workplaces.”

Dmitry Pinevich commented on the issue of the medical care quality, “We can equip ourselves and build new walls, but if a specialist does not do everything that is supposed to be done, and the corresponding vertical does not perform its functions, including control, we get the cases that the President spoke about today [the story of a woman from the Shklov District]. Of course, the level of medical care in the regional hospital is higher than in the district one, but if the district hospital has an intensive care unit, anaesthesiologists, they must perform their functions.”