Pinevich: hostilities are around, but wages are rising in Belarus’ healthcare system

... informed by Healthcare Minister Dmitry Pinevich following his today’s meeting ... leave to work abroad, Mr. Pinevich said, “Speaking of the number ... without a diploma confirmation.” Mr. Pinevich also recalled the measures taken ...

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Healthcare Minister: biology and biotechnology are Belarus’ hallmark

... noted by Healthcare Minister Dmitry Pinevich after his today’s report ... start with education," Mr. Pinevich stressed. The Healthcare Minister added ...

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Belarus’ Healthcare Minister: situation with coronavirus completely under control

... by Belarus’ Healthcare Minister Dmitry Pinevich in his talk with Belarus ... country is close Earlier, Dmitry Pinevich compared the pandemic with a ... his point of view. Mr. Pinevich said that the rate of ... by external players,” underlined Mr. Pinevich.

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Belarus-made Sputnik Lite vaccine demonstrated to Lukashenko

... President today, Healthcare Minister Dmitry Pinevich demonstrated a package with Belarus ... at our Belarusian facilities,” Mr. Pinevich stressed. “This is not bottling ...

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Pinevich: no concerns regarding high-tech equipment supplies to Belarus

... hospitals, Belarus’ Healthcare Minister Dmitry Pinevich told journalists at the opening ... War Veterans, BelTA reports Dmitry Pinevich explained, “At present, there are ... no concerns,” he explained. Dmitry Pinevich underlined the main tasks for ...

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Pinevich: COVID-19 cases dropped significantly in Belarus

... by Belarus’ Healthcare Minister Dmitry Pinevich in his talk with Belarus ... a seasonal phase,” said Dmitry Pinevich. He also added, “We continue ...

Pinevich , COVID-19 , Healthcare Ministry

Five main achievements of Belarus’ healthcare system

Belarus’ Healthcare Minister, Dmitry Pinevich, has informed on the five ... care of their health,” Mr. Pinevich said.

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Pinevich: social focus is Belarus’ hallmark

... stated by Healthcare Minister Dmitry Pinevich, BelTA reports Photo by Belarus ... of our statehood," Mr. Pinevich said.

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Belarus' Healthcare Minister: coronavirus won’t go anywhere

... spring, Belarus’ Healthcare Minister Dmitry Pinevich told STV TV channel, BelTA ... the tactics chosen earlier. Mr. Pinevich stressed that since we did ... autumn and spring,” said Mr. Pinevich.

Pinevich , coronavirus

Belarus’ Healthcare Minister attends WHO Executive Board session

Healthcare Minister Dmitry Pinevich is taking part in the ... May 2022. As informed, Mr. Pinevich also plans to hold working ... 2021-2024. Healthcare Minister Dmitry Pinevich was appointed its member, while ...

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Belarus ready to participate in development of new international document on pandemics

Healthcare Minister Dmitry Pinevich stated that Belarus is ready ... in Geneva via videoconferencing, Mr. Pinevich stated, "We are all ... document on pandemics," Mr. Pinevich said, assuring the session participants ...

pinevich , healthcare ministry , pandemic

Pinevich: 5m Belarusians to be vaccinated by late 2021

Belarus’ Healthcare Minister, Dmitry Pinevich, has informed that 5m people ... ,” the Healthcare Minister said. Mr. Pinevich reminded that reasonable social distancing ...

pinevich , healthcare , vaccination , COVID-19

Pinevich: coronavirus is completely under control in Belarus

... announced by Healthcare Minister Dmitry Pinevich at a meeting with the ... of State, BelTA reports Dmitry Pinevich stressed that a detailed analysis ... the current coronavirus wave, Mr. Pinevich noted a sharp rise in ...

coronavirus , pinevich

Medical care taught at high level

... by Belarus’ Healthcare Minister, Dmitry Pinevich, on the eve of a ... of their professional career,” Mr. Pinevich said. Moreover, BelMAPO contributes significantly ... update their knowledge regularly. Mr. Pinevich informed that the Republican Simulation ...

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