Posted: 06.02.2023 16:58:00

Opinion: US trying to move its forces closer to Union State

It has become recently known of the launch of two projects related to construction of a new base for American helicopters in Polish Powidz. A US combat aviation brigade equipped with Apache helicopters is stationed there at present. In his talk with Alfa Radio, Aleksei Avdonin, an analyst at the Belarusian Institute for Strategic Studies, explained the role this construction plays.

According to the expert, Washington’s intention to create a kind of Eastern European base out of Poland with a transfer of some military equipment and personnel indicates the US’ desire to move its forces closer to the Union State. “The country is already doing this quickly and openly – not under the guise of some kind of political correctness. In addition to creating bases, it is conducting exercises and upgrading infrastructure in order to quickly transfer the necessary weapons. For this reason, the port infrastructure in Poland and the Baltic States is being modernised so that they can receive and unload ships with weapons," he explained.

Mr. Avdonin added that this is not being done with the aim of achieving peace, since Polish citizens will suffer the most from what is happening. “They [in the US] want to make an analogue of Ukraine out of Poland. Since 2004, when the first Maidan took place, the United States and the United Kingdom have done everything to retrain the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ military, to supply weapons and virtually transform Ukraine into a training ground and a shock fist against Russia. The same scenario is now being applied in Poland. Let Poles see what is happening now with Ukrainians. For Americans, neither Poles, nor Ukrainians are of value: they are rather the means to achieve the US’ political and economic goals. An American soldier will not fight for a single Pole," he concluded.