Posted: 14.07.2023 16:52:00

Opinion: Baltic States behaving towards collapse of statehood

A few days ago, the media reported that the Latvian authorities began sending notifications about administrative matters to Latvians living in the country and abroad due to their publications in social networks in honour of the Victory Day celebration on May 9th. A fine of up to 350 Euros is envisaged. Vadim Gigin, the Director General of the National Library of Belarus, commented on the news in his talk with Alfa Radio.

According to Mr. Gigin, the Baltic States are behaving towards the collapse of statehood.

“Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia are fascists. Lithuanians just got into some kind of chauvinistic euphoria. They are at war with China, but so far they are fighting in trade and diplomacy, also asserting a strategy in the Indo-Pacific region. They supplied ministers to Ukraine in the past, and they now dream of ruling Belarus. Estonians are simply running ahead of everything, and they are ready to act as NATO outposts against Russia. What will it all lead to? They will actually face nothing good. Nevertheless, it is the choice of their politicians, and citizens somehow tolerate it all. I will repeat another time: if they plan to increase the degree of escalation, then let them listen to [Hungarian Prime Minister] Viktor Orban, his reasonable assessments of Russia, its potential and capabilities. Russia will be able to ensure its security, including on its western, north-western and southern borders. It is inevitable, and this choice – I consider – is the one of the future, ‘without itself’ for these states. Well, let them decide for themselves what this means,” the expert noted.