Posted: 29.10.2023 15:29:00

Netherlands wants to return 100 thousand Ukrainian refugees to their homeland

A dialogue on the return of 100,000 Ukrainian refugees from the Netherlands to their home needs to begin in the near future; the beginning of such a conversation is supported throughout Europe – as noted by Dutch Ambassador to Ukraine Jennes de Mol, TASS reports


At the opening of the Human Capital Forum 2023 Ukrainians. Economy. Future, the diplomat said that the presence of Ukrainians in the Netherlands carries certain risks.

“In my country, the Netherlands, there are 100,000 Ukrainians, who have integrated easily and we appreciate that, but at the same time there is a risk. Ukraine needs these people, their skills, knowledge to restore the country. One of the challenges we now see is how to bring these people back,” Jennes de Mol explained.

Moreover, the diplomat said that all of Europe is in favour of starting a dialogue at the high level on the return of Ukrainians home.

“This is something that should begin as soon as possible,” the Ambassador noted.

According to the UN, about 8 million Ukrainian citizens are currently abroad. The Kiev authorities asked the European allies not to develop programmes for their integration.