Posted: 21.02.2023 17:53:00

MP: openness is a paradigm of Belarus’ foreign policy

Galina Lagunova, the Deputy Chairperson of the Standing Commission of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus on Economic Policy, commented on Belarus’ hospitality and good-neighbourliness in connection with the extension of its visa-free entry regime in 2023 for Lithuanians, Latvians and Poles


“Against the background of sanctions and pressure on our country, such a gesture of goodwill is perceived very positively by ordinary people abroad,” Ms. Lagunova is convinced. “Look at the figures: they show that trips to Belarus are in demand among our neighbours. By now, more than 442,000 citizens of the European Union have visited our country on a visa-free basis. Foreigners meet with their friends, visit graves of their relatives, solve various household issues, relax in farmsteads, enjoy high-quality health recuperation at local spas. They often buy Belarus-made goods at lower prices than they can do this at home.”

Such openness of Belarus helps strengthen people's diplomacy. As noted by the MP, unprecedented inflation and energy instability reign in the European Union now, but Western officials have their own worries – not caring about ordinary citizens. At the same time, the West is cynically conducting anti-Belarusian propaganda, distributing fakes about the republic.

“However, those who come to Belarus can see everything with their own eyes and form their own opinion about local life. This principle of openness is a paradigm of our foreign policy. Guests arriving from abroad see that it is safe in Belarus, that we have developed infrastructure, good highways, high-quality goods, and friendly people. Foreigners then share their impressions with their countrymen,” Ms. Lagunova added.

According to the MP, an extended regime of visa-free travels will enable citizens of the neighbouring countries to form their own objective idea of modern Belarus, its politics and economy, and also to get acquired with its culture and sights.