Belarus feels like home

... Lukashenko’s decision to extend visa-free travel for another year with ... I had known that the visa-free regime would be extended, I ... about the extension of the visa-free regime for entry into Belarus ... states, taking advantage of the visa-free regime, are actively buying food ...

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Our doors are open to kind guests

... supported proposal to extend visa-free regime for residents of Lithuania ... Foreign Affairs to extend the visa-free entry regime with Lithuania, ... . Moreover, in addition to visa-free travel, the leadership of the ... 2022, according to presidential decree, visa-free entry into Belarus was established ... Belarus can be visited with visa-free entry? Citizens of Lithuania, ... visited our country using the visa-free regime is already approaching ... of neighbouring countries on a visa-free basis. Moreover, this is ...

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State Border Committee: around 770,000 foreigners visited Belarus under visa-free regime

Since the launch of the visa-free regime on April 15 th , ...

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US introducing visa-free travel for Israel in late November

... confirmed the introduction of a visa-free regime for Israeli citizens starting ... be able to use a visa-free travel to the United States ...

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Belarus visited by 710,000+ foreigners without visas

Since the launch of the visa-free regime, 713,612 foreigners have ... EU countries have used the visa-free regime: 200,678 citizens of ... reported that detailed information on visa-free visits to Belarus is available ...

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Belarus, Colombia to sign agreements on visa-free travel and in trade and education

... plan to sign agreements on visa-free travel for citizens, as well ... interest. Moreover, an agreement on visa-free travel to common civil passports ...

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MP: openness is a paradigm of Belarus’ foreign policy

... with the extension of its visa-free entry regime in 2023 for ... visited our country on a visa-free basis. Foreigners meet with their ... MP, an extended regime of visa-free travels will enable citizens of ...

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Since early 2023, 13,000+ foreigners visited Belarus without visas

... , since the start of the visa-free regime for residents of neighbouring ... of Poland. Detailed information on visa-free visits to Belarus can be ...

State Border Committee , EU , Latvia , Lithuania , Poland , visa-free

Over 222,000 foreigners visited Belarus since the start of visa-free regime

... July 1st. Detailed information on visa-free visits to Belarus is available ...

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186,000+ foreigners visited Belarus since the start of visa-free regime

... have used the right to visa-free entry to our country. Thus ... Belarus. For detailed information about visa-free visits to Belarus, the State ...

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Belarus wants citizens of neighbouring countries to enjoy visa-free travels and see how things really are

... these measures. “The decision on visa-free travels was due to a ... is the introduction of a visa-free regime. As you can see ... .” According to the expert, the visa-free regime enables Belarus to break ... is another motive for visa-free travels. The visa-free regime existed until 2020 ... able to live without the visa-free regime for foreign citizens.”

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About 115,000 foreigners used the Belarusian visa-free regime

... July 1 st , when the visa-free regime for Poles crossing the ... information on the rules of visa-free entry to Belarus can be ...

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Belarus introduced visa-free entry for Polish citizens

... decided to introduce a temporary visa-free entry procedure for Poles. The ... purpose of the visit. “For visa-free entry into Belarus, it is ... cross the border. Previously, a visa-free regime was introduced and then ... have used the right to visa-free visits to our country. Detailed ... information on visa-free visits to Belarus can be ...

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Citizens from neighbouring EU states might enjoy visa-free entry to Belarus

In the interests of strengthening good-neighbourly relations and developing inbound tourism, Belarus studies a possibility of granting citizens of neighbouring EU states the right to enter, stay and leave the country without a visa – as informed by State Border Committee’s Telegram channel Photo: At the same time, Belarus’ State Border Committee is working on a mechanism to enable this category of citizens to visit the border zone without a pass. It is also informed that – after ...

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Grodno Region welcomes visa-free tourists

... large-scale events and welcome visa-free tourists – as noted by Vladimir ... restrictions were lifted, and a visa-free regime is now in force ...

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Revising visa-free travel

EU countries mull curbing visa-free travel for Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia ... the possibility of cancelling the visa-free travel regime to the bloc ... frustrated with alleged abuses of visa-free travel. It mentions surges in ...

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