Posted: 04.10.2021 15:41:00

Metropolitan Veniamin awarded doctors of the Minsk City Clinical Oncologic Dispensary and thanked them for dedication

Oncologic Dispensary doctors wholeheartedly struggle for their patients’ lives: more than 40,000 people are rendered assistance here and about 11,000 operations are performed. For more than eight years, divine services have been held in the local chapel in honour of the Most Holy Mother of God. Metropolitan Veniamin has served a prayer service here for the glory of those who save people day and night and help those who find themselves in a difficult life situation.

“Sickness is a painful condition for a person. It might produce despair, resentment against people and even God... Meanwhile, prayer helps set our hearts on the fight against the disease. At the same time, it inspires and helps find the state of mind that gives healing. This is a clear evidence of our faith,” the Metropolian said.

Svetlana Sirenko, the Deputy Chief Physician, also believes that prayer and faith morally support patients, help them calm down and set their minds on recovery.

During this difficult time, Metropolitan Veniamin often supports doctors and has recently awarded three of them of their selfless work and dedication.

Meanwhile, Chief Physician Viktor Kondratovich sees nothing heroic in his work, “Our dispensary works according to its profile but – if necessary – it is ready to help COVID patients at any time. We already have the relevant experience: during the first coronavirus wave, we provided 125 beds to the city and did not actually stop the dispensary work. Coronavirus infection should not interfere with the treatment of oncology (which is no less insidious disease); so far, we deal with our specialised task. However, we are ready to help if needed.”