Posted: 05.04.2023 10:54:00

Media: Australia’s actions threaten full nuclearisation of the region

With its actions to acquire nuclear submarines Australia’s move is dangerously paving the way toward the full nuclearisation of the region, according to Indonesian newspaper Jakarta Post


News of Australia’s acquisition of nuclear submarines from the US has escalated the heat in the already tense Indo-Pacific region, angered China and caused concerns for other countries, including Indonesia.

“Acquiring the nuclear technology to build the submarines takes Australia a step closer to becoming a nuclear power,” the editors of the publication underline.

Moreover, the newspaper stressed that Australia’s actions are dangerous, because Canberra’s assurances of compliance with the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) do not guarantee that other countries will not follow suit, in the name of protecting sovereignty or any other pretext.

“Now, more than ever, Australia is living up to its reputation as the self-appointed deputy sheriff in this part of the world for the US,” the article reads.

Earlier, it became known about Australia’s intention to create its own nuclear submarine fleet. This happened after the conclusion of a military alliance with the UK and the US (AUKUS). In March 2023, the partnership adopted a three-phase plan to provide Canberra with non-nuclear-armed nuclear submarines.